Travelling and capturing the images is one huge part of my work but besides visiting exciting places in Kenya, Botswana or Namibia and spending time out in the bush the other important part of my work is in my studio.
I work from my studio at my home in Cape Town; this is where I select and edit my photographs, sometimes for weeks after a trip. Then when we have the final selection of images, the phase of test printing starts until I am happy with the outcome and the colours of the image come out the way I anticipated.
This is very exciting because although I have viewed the images numerous times on the screen
when they are actually printed to their full size then it is a totally different perception.
Only when I am happy with everything and we have completed the test printing phase the images get uploaded on my website and are then available to purchase.
Each image has its own story and special moment when it happened. I try to let you/my followers and customers be part of this by sharing my story of the image.
This is also done in-house.
Besides the story each artwork sold comes with a certificate of authenticity which certifies that it is an original piece of art, printed on archival paper and being part of a limited edition.
I also approve each artwork before it gets shipped/sent out to the gallery and personally number and sign the print with my original signature. (Photo: Studio Klaus Tiedge)