Unser Fotograf Klaus Tiedge gestattet uns vorab einen Blick auf seine neuen Motive, die er im diesem Frühjahr in der Masai Mara für die „Pride of Africa Collection“ aufgenommen hat. Alle neuen Motive sind demnächst natürlich auch über TANTUS erhältlich.

(Bild auf Anfrage unter info@tantusgalerie.de)

“We spotted this lion in a tree in the Masai Mara watching over the plains. A behavior that I have noticed with many big cats on my recent trip to Kenya which had to do with the enormously unusual high grass. So, yes even lions climbed the trees this year!

Although still fairly young he is an extremely strong and fearless lion and as a result of already some fought battles he is missing his left ear (which you cannot see in the picture now).

Soon after we had approached him, he jumped off the tree. While walking out into the plains he stopped several times roaring loudly for his fellowers.” Klaus Tiedge